Breez Forms

What You Will Need

You will require a Breez application form fully completed and signed.  Other lenders application forms are accepted provided we have the Breez Privacy Form signed (pages 5 and 6).  Ensure Next of Kin is different for each applicant (eg. different person/different address). 

  • History/Story of client from the Broker (if applicable)
  • Upfront fee for valuation (price on application)
  • Clear copy of passport and/or drivers licence 
  • Signed explanation for any Credit Defaults/Court Judgments/Loan Arrears 
  • Current rates notice 
  • First Home Owner Grant (plus copy of Citizenship and Passport)
  • Signed letter of intent to build (if security is vacant land)  

Income Verification

If P.A.Y.G. earner:

  • At least two current payslips; PLUS
  • Last two years group certificates and respective taxation assessment notices; or
  • Last two years full and complete tax returns 

If self employed (company/partnership/sole trade/trust):

  • Copy of last two years full and complete personal tax returns including the profit and loss and balance sheet; or
  • Copies of sub contract invoices for the past two years 

If using any Centrelink or Other income:

  • Centrelink Statement (most recent)
  • Proof of boarder income
  • Child Support letter and bank statements showing maintenance income (6 months).   

Other Documents Required:

  • Current Credit Card Statement 
  • All current Mortgage statements (If refinancing, past 6 months are required) 
  • Current personal loan statement 
  • Evidence of funds to complete 
  • Fire and all risks insurance over property noting interest of Lender as first mortgagee – 12 months fully paid.  This is to be held prior to settlement.
  • Confirmation of rental income for investment property via Property Management Statement, Tenancy Agreement, Real Estate Letter or Valuation Report 


  • Copy of the Contract of Sale executed by the Vendors


  • Builders Fixed Price Contract 
  • Building plans and specifications 
  • Owner Builders permit / detailed list of costings  


  • Discharge Authority Form
  • Current Personal Loan statement if being refinanced