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Refinance an Existing Loan

Breez Finance is a great choice for refinancing an existing loan. Why?

The main reasons are to save money with a low, direct interest rate and great loan product flexibility. But there are a few other reasons too.

  • This time, you know the ropes. If you want, you can get started on your application right away. A Breez Loan Adviser will contact you to tie up any loose ends and provide a conditional pre-approval ASAP.

  • This time, you’re not dazzled by honeymoon rates, special offers and those small ongoing fees that all add up to one thing: a higher rate. You want a true, direct rate that will stay low and save you money year after year.

  • This time, you want a loan that doesn’t tie you up with tricky conditions and hit you with penalties if you need to change properties.  Our loans offer a portability option.

Our on-line application is the fastest way to get started. It is very easy to use, particularly for experienced borrowers.  If you want to, just complete part of the application and well take it from there. If you prefer paper, you can also download an Application Form and Application Checklist and get started straight away. 

What next?

Give us a call or an e-mail, start an application or browse the info on our site. Breez Finance gives life-long value on refinancing too! 



If you have any questions or would prefer us to send you out a kit please call 1300 732 479 to speak to a Breez Loan Adviser.