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Investors choose to do business with us because we make their life a Breez.

Our clients can sit back and relax while we work hard to approve the loan in record time.  They are content with the comfort of knowing that we can settle loans faster than any other lender.  Our customers enjoy the personalised attention they receive, which confirms their choice to use Breez Finance.

Timely settlements are our cup of tea

Timely settlements are of the utmost importance. There is nothing more stressful for investors than wondering if they can take possession on time. So much hinges on ensuring that settlement will occur on time.

Our streamlined mortgage process helps us to facilitate even quicker finance approvals and settlements.  This gives us greater control over the whole process, ensuring there are no delays.

Unique personal service is your advantage with Breez.

Our professional staff will happily answer your questions promptly and without the need for you to chase! When you make contact with us you are dealing with knowledgeable staff who can make decisions and are dedicated to perform.

Investment loans for unique properties

We consider:

  • Strata-titled retirement village units
  • Student accommodation
  • Inner city apartments
  • Shop front properties with residential dwelling attached
  • Completion of partially completed homes
  • Large acreage properties
  • Homesteads and rural dwellings


Vacant land loans ... with your future in mind

How do you stop the merry-go-round of ever-increasing land prices when you can’t afford to build? You don’t – just jump right in. Why? Because land is a limited resource. Buy your block now and build later so that you are keeping up with inflation.

Manage your lifestyle with a variety of payment methods

You deserve to choose how you want to pay your loan - salary credit, direct debit, internet, telephone banking, cheque, BPAY. Select the payment option that suits your lifestyle, then set and forget.

Make extra loan repayments without being penalised. Regular monthly payments are not required whilst you are ahead of your loan repayments.

Repay your loan sooner by crediting your salary to your loan and using the free redraw facility to make monthly credit card payments. Just like your own personal line of credit.

The investment loan specialists

Property is one of the best available long term investments, so rest assured that we will do our utmost to assist your investment portfolio grow, through flexible lending products.