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Few accomplishments in life are as enduring or enriching as owning your own home

Home ownership increases self-esteem and personal pride. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from feeling connected to the land you occupy and the home in which you live.

Few accomplishments in life are as enduring or enriching as the experience of owning your own home.

Owning your own home means “paying rent” to yourself instead of a landlord. As you pay off your mortgage your equity builds and you gain an increasingly larger share in a valuable asset.

Family stability

Living in one place for an extended period of time means that your children are being raised in a stable residential environment. Advantages include the ability to form long-term friendships, and increasing your child’s overall emotional security.

Have fun decorating your new home

Homeowners are free to redecorate, remodel and accessorise their home to suit their taste and lifestyle. The benefits of home ownership are that you have the right to make improvements, and the value of those improvements becomes yours as well.

Value your privacy

When renting you lose a lot of control over your privacy and your stability is compromised. Landlords can access your property for necessary inspections and maintenance. Unlike renting, home ownership ensures that you have privacy. Wouldn’t you prefer to stay in control?

No more worries….

Financing your first home can be an enjoyable occasion, or fraught with difficulties. Let the staff at Breez take care of your troubles – we look after you on a very personal level – with good finance products, great rates and exceptional service.

  • Construction Home Loans
  • First Home Owners
  • Fixed Rate Loans
  • Variable Rate Home Loan
  • Principal and Interest or Interest Only payments
  • Loans For People With Credit Record Problems
  • No Deposit Home Loan
  • Redraw facilities
  • Line of credit
  • Gifted deposits
  • Lodging Agents for First Home Owners Grant
As you can see, there are many good reasons to act now on your desire for home ownership. So why hesitate?

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