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Breez welcomes Aggregators, Mortgage Managers, and Brokers

Welcome to the Breez Broker Sign in page. Login using your Breez username and password at left to view broker information. If you require a broker username and password fill in the "Quick Contact" form in the left bar.

Brokers must be accredited with Breez to provide loan applications for assessment, however they do not need to provide a minimum volume of business to maintain their accreditation with Breez.

Why do brokers love dealing with Breez Finance?

The Breez Group has been working in association with finance brokers and intermediaries since 1996. Over the years we have gleaned a lot about what brokers need to satisfy their customers. We help brokers achieve their goals: customer satisfaction, getting repeat business; and being well remunerated.

  • Simplicity
    Our motto is Making Finance Simply a Breez... and that is what we do best with simple loan products and simple terminology.

  • Direct access to our credit teams
    Speak directly with the people who are responsible for handling loan submissions and making the credit decisions.

  • One point of contact
    You will be provided with one point of contact who stays with you right the way throughout the settlement process.

  • Outstanding service
    We return calls promptly, assist brokers when they have problems with their loan submissions, and provide regular follow-up and ensure that brokers are kept up to date with the processing of their loan submissions. Our speedy approval and turnaround times are integral in ensuring a rewarding experience for both our brokers and our customers.

  • Great remuneration
    Our competitive up-fronts and trails do not require minimum volume business levels.

  • Diversified products
    Our broad suite of prime and non-prime loans ensures a wider range of borrowers with a competitive alternative to bank mortgages. We are Australia’s largest and most active Cooperative Housing Society Manager and have 50 years of experience in lending to low-moderate income earners.

  • Flexibility
    We are flexible in our loan criteria, thinking outside the square, and will be happy to discuss loan scenarios with brokers. We look at all applications on their individual merits.